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Before pics

I’m getting my braces on next week! Here are some pictures of before everything. The surgery will be moving the top jaw out and the lower jaw back a little. They will be correcting an underbite and crossbite.

Smiling with my teeth closed











Same here.





















Not a great pic but you can see how far back my top jaw is in this photo…







…as opposed to this random girl’s.  When your teeth meet correctly the top teeth will overlap slightly with the bottom ones.

Ah finally… figured out how to make my pictures show up in a stack instead of in a rows!  Still learning how this blogging thing works…

Starting Out

Okay, so here I go.  I hope to have double jaw (orthognathic) surgery before the year is out. I got the letter on Friday that my first request to the insurance was approved. Tomorrow morning, first thing, I will call my orthodontist and tell them the good news. I’ll get appointments for braces as soon as I can. The sooner on, the sooner off. 

It’s hard to believe that I am actually going forward with this. I have wanted the surgery since 17 when I first got braces. A lot of people have asked me if I really wanted to – and I say definitely, if it works out! And years ago it was harder than it is now. You would have to have your jaws wired shut for 6 weeks. Now they’re just rubber-banded for maybe half that. Now I have a better support system for recovery. I have a work environment that will be flexible with me.  

I have read a lot of blogs and websites in preparing myself for this. I’ve read about some hard recoveries and scary risks. But each person said afterwards that it was all worth it. I’m banking on that. I’m counting on the fact that the end result will be worth the pain. That I won’t regret getting braces again. That I won’t mind the stress prepping for three weeks off work. That I make it through a swollen face and liquid diets and multiple visits to the orthodontist & surgeon.

 I have found others’ blogs invaluable as I researched jaw surgery.  Hopefully this can be helpful to someone else.

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