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On my way

Well I have had the braces over a week now.  I’m pretty much used to them.  Around day 6 they quit hurting so much and now they are just barely tender in the front. Next visit they are going to put more brackets on the back teeth, so it will hurt all over again. I went out and bought plenty of wax but turns out I didn’t need it. My mouth has gotten used to the braces very quickly.

I went to the dentist today and that was fun. They had to use the water fountain spray to clean my teeth since they can’t use the polisher.  At least it felt like a water fountain. My face and neck were soaked afterwards even with a towel over my face.

My next appt was set for 6 weeks… I wish it could go faster. Now that I have the braces on I am more ready than ever to have this over with.  My bite is more pronounced and it strains my lips to close them. I have to remind myself not to close my teeth (jaw strain) or my lips (makes them tired) but I forget; also I have to eat and talk! And I can’t whistle anymore! I wore braces for four years before and I just don’t remember that.

Braces on!

Got my braces on yesterday.  It took 2 1/2 hours… longer than they expected. Of course they weren’t taking into account the permanent retainer on my bottom teeth.  After sawing, drilling, wrenching, and sanding, the tech muttered something about needing dynamite.  Between that and the jamming it took to fit my brackets, I went through the wringer before I’d even gotten the braces on.

I was laying there in the chair with my sunglasses on (how nice is that to protect from the overhead spotlight!) still feeling a little surprised that I’m doing this.  I’m not second-guessing now, but it’s hard to believe that I’m actually going through with it.  By “it” I mean the eventual jaw surgery.

Anyway, here’s a picture with braces. A forced smile the only way to show my teeth.  You can see the underbite pretty well here.










This is more like my normal smile.  Yay for clear braces on top!








First Step

I got my spacers in today. I feel like I’ve made the first tiny step in a irreversible journey.

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