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2nd Time Around

I found this picture of when I first had braces on 21 years ago.  So for those old friends who say I still look the same… um, no I don’t.  So here’s then and now:


So glad that this time around I get to have the surgery.

Slow Moving

I had my first return visit to the orthodontist today.  It was good (yay for progress, movement!) and not so good (this is going to take forever!).  He added four more brackets in the back. He did confirm that they are going to align my wisdom teeth as well, but wouldn’t start them til the next visit.  The assistants are pretty surprised- nobody straightens their wisdom teeth, they just pull them, today’s assistant told me. But I’m happy about it as I don’t want to lose any more teeth if I can help it.

I also asked how long he expected it would take before being ready for surgery.  He estimated a year – I’ll be ready by next summer for sure! I said great that’s what I wanted to know!…but feeling a little disheartened. The original estimate was 5-8 months before surgery.  So I am still continuing by faith. Trusting that whatever insurance we have next year will agree to the surgery.  And that my work will still be okay with the time off, now that it may be a completely different time frame.

So this blog may be up a bit longer than I expected!

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