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Wisdom Teeth

So at yesterday’s orthodontic visit I got the rest of my brackets on. My mouth is well braced now! The last 4 went on the wisdom teeth. The orthodontist said he could count on one hand the number of times he’s put brackets on wisdom teeth (third molars).  The nurses were all congregating to see and speculating on what kind of brackets he would need.

I can say this it is no fun having braces that far back. I’ve never had braces on those teeth so they have farther to move than the others and they are already very sore. But the killer is that they dig terribly into my mouth and are very hard to keep clean.  This is going to be a challenge.

So I fuss about my braces, and I view them as a necessary evil. But I realize that I am blessed to be able to do this. In spite of the things I am giving up to do this, I am grateful that I will get to have the surgery that I’ve always needed.


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5 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth

  1. Hi Lois! Thanks for following my blog! Looks like we have similar bite issues, so I can totally relate to your situation! Looking forward to following your blog as we go through this process together! 🙂
    – Post-Grad Grin

  2. You’re having brackets put on your wisdom teeth? Does that mean you will keep them? I had to have all of mine removed before I was allowed to begin the prep for double-jaw surgery. Of course, mine were terribly impacted!

    • Yes I am keeping them! They are crooked but not impacted. I personally don’t want to pull more teeth if I don’t have to. I do have to be careful in keeping them clean- it’s difficult being so tight. My first orthodontist said I would want my all my teeth if I ever had the surgery so I’ve kept them all these years just in case.

  3. Hi There! came across your blog through postgradgrin’s it looks like we have similar issues with our bites. I hope to stay in touch through this process. As for my bite, I can totally 100% relate to yours right now. My ortho just installed the last 4 brackets in the back and it’s been scraping the back of my mouth like there is not tomorrow! Plus only one molar touches and it hurts sooo bad when I chew stuff. I can’t wait till this ordeal is over so we can all laugh at it!

    • Yes I know.. my teeth only touch with one molar if I bite straight down. What a pain for chewing! We’ll get through it though! It is so nice to find others in the same boat.

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