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In between

So I know that for a blog I should post more often than every 6 weeks. It’s just that I don’t have a lot of changes going on between orthodontist appointments.  Right now I’m still dealing with having braces on my wisdom teeth. It’s been three weeks and they are still digging into my mouth.  They have created permanent holes in my cheeks in the back, and I still have to wear wax, at least at night.  Sometimes during the day.  Whenever I tighten my mouth (like trying to whistle or spitting my toothpaste out) it hurts pretty good.  And no, I still can’t whistle but I do try sometimes.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that my bite keeps changing.  It’s definitely worse than before the braces.  I can only touch in one spot if I bite straight down.  The inside tip of a top molar touches the outside tip of a bottom molar. It makes it more difficult to bite and chew.  I definitely avoid a lot of foods just for the simple fact they are hard to chew.

I really don’t remember this much pain from the first time I had braces. I must have blocked those memories.


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