Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

New Wire

So I finally made it back to the orthodontist yesterday. This is the first visit where they haven’t put new braces on. I’ve run out of teeth for that. They put a stronger wire in this time. They orthodontist said it is wire number 2 out of three or four in stiffness. So at this rate I might get the last one in around Christmas.  Who knows. The orthodontist doesn’t really say much – just everything is looking good.

I’m back to being super sore. Just when in the last week I have been able to eat almost all normal food again. Figures. It hurt to eat my banana for breakfast. My squishy banana.  So for lunch today I have yogurt, applesauce and pudding.  Back to stockpiling squishy foods for a few days.

In fact yesterday my teeth/jaw hurt so much I thought I might get a migraine by night. I didn’t though, thankfully. Took pain pills and crashed after a super long day.  Overslept this morning.  😦  But hey today is a new day!  And it’s Friday!


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