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Holding pattern

I have been meaning to do an update for a couple of weeks now. Not that there’s that much new. My last visit to the orthodontist he did put in a new wire.  That’s it.  Nothing else forthcoming.  No, hey you’re looking good, it may be x number of months left. Oh well.

People ask me frequently if I have any news on when I’ll have my surgery.  I feel like I’m just in a holding pattern and the surgery feels further out than ever.  The braces continue to drive me crazy (keeping painful holes in the back of my mouth) and my bite seems worse than ever.

Due to my surgery being later than planned,  doing a mission trip next spring or summer is off the table. I can’t really plan anything for next year because I don’t know when the surgery will be.

And get this, found out this week that my insurance will probably not cover my braces at ALL.  In spite of the orthodontist office working out for me (in March!) how much would be covered and what we would have to pay.  Now 6 months after getting the braces on we finally get notification from the insurance company that it is not covered.  Too late to do anything but pay the balance.  😦  But we’ll just wait til the bill comes, we’ll see how long before they ask for the rest of the money!

So, other than that doing just fine!  🙂  Doing my best to avoid cucumbers and steaks, enjoying life and keeping very very busy at work.

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