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Orthodontist Update

I made it back to the orthodontist today. I managed to ask him where I was in progress. He made it sound so great, but I think the reality is it will be a little while. I think late spring/early summer is the earliest I could expect the surgery. I think this is what he said:

1. New arch wire today!  last wires to be put in.

2. Next visit take new molds and xrays, see what last movement needs to be done to prepare for surgery.  Looking at front and cross angles, etc.

3. Subsequent visit/s to do more tweaks, depending on my teeth are behaving.  He is hopeful it won’t take long.

4. take more records and see if can schedule surgery.

Sounds great, right? Except when the nurse tried to put in my upper wire, it was very difficult and she broke off a bracket (wisdom tooth). When the dr. came to glue it back on, he said I couldn’t put that new wire in yet, to go back to the old one. Sigh. So maybe I’m set back another 7 weeks right there. That’s how often they are scheduling me. The nurse tried to reassure me, saying my teeth would still be moving even though they didn’t change that wire.

So, I’m sore enough today, due to all the jerking around they did on the teeth. The last week before an appt. you can eat pretty much anything, then wham, back to it hurting when I bite a banana. No matter, I’m used it now.  I just stock up on pudding, yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, juices etc.

A long ways to go yet! 2012-12-13_13-44-26_23 This picture is with my teeth closed!

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