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There’s an end in sight?

After yesterday’s ortho appointment I’m feeling a little better than last time.  They took a progress xray. They were able to get that last wire in the top after quite a bit of finagling. My next appointment they take molds (in just 5 weeks instead of 7). The ortho seemed pleased to tell me this, saying it was progress.  Then he sees what last tweaking needs to be done.  It’s starting to feel a little more real now.  So far it’s been, well some day in the future this will happen to me. Someday.  Now I see that it may truly happen before the summer is out.  Hopeful!

Before I left I gave them my new insurance card..  then I got a call later in the day from the office.  Wanted to know did I realize all the approvals would have to be filed all over again with the insurance?  Yes I realize that!  Not much else to be done, I didn’t have a choice with the insurance company.  So they’re starting those requests again with the surgeon’s office.  The waiting game begins again.  I just have to trust that it will work out pray it’s approved.

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