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Just waiting now

So… went to the orthodontist for my check-in on Thursday, on my way out of town for vacation. He looks at my models and says I think you’re ready for surgery. Just like that. He said there is some final tweaking that can be done now or on the other side of surgery, so basically it can be done anytime. (yay!)

I told him there’s a small matter of my insurance not approving it yet. The nurse talked me through next steps and I headed out. On the road again, I called my insurance company (I wasn’t driving) and tried to find out where the request was. After much holding they told me they couldn’t find any pre-authorization request in the system at all. Feeling thus reassured, I called the ortho office again to let Tonya (my patient rep) know and to find out what’s up. Near the end of the day she called me back saying they had calls into the surgeon’s office but didn’t know anything yet. Sigh. They said the request was filed 2/5. That’s helpful I guess. They’re going to call me back by mid week this week once they hear from the surgeon. I told them I’d love to call the insurance again and bug them but I’d have to have more specific information so they can’t claim it’s not there. I don’t know why they couldn’t find it under my name but oh well. Sigh.

So here I sit!  Ready for surgery but have to wait on two things: 1. For the insurance to approve it and 2. For me to figure out with work what would be a better time to take three weeks off work. I don’t think there’s any “good” time for it. 

Hope to be posting soon about moving forward!

Here’s a picture from Friday.side profile

Records Made

Had another ortho appointment yesterday. He just tweaked my upper wire and they took records again. Molds, photos, xray. I’m to go back in 2 weeks (yay!) after he has time to review them. To see if there’s anything left to do. I like the sound of that! Sounds more positive than some of the things he’s said.

It still doesn’t seem quite real, as long as i don’t have a time frame yet for the surgery. 

Yesterday I saw a cheap white board in the store and bought it, thinking that kind of thing could be helpful while it’s still hard to talk. I’ve gotten several condiment bottles as well. My husband for Christmas got me a blender set. Not the magic bullet, but something similar. I really need to practice with it ahead of time but I keep thinking I have plenty of time for that.

I’ve still heard nothing from the insurance company. Just praying the requests get processed and approved!

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