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Not really a good day

Last year I waited to get braces on until I was pre-approved from my surgery. I didn’t want to risk it, the expense, the trouble unless I knew I’d be able to do the surgery. I hoped I could have the surgery before the year was out just in case my insurance changed again. My teeth didn’t cooperate, whatever, and didn’t get ready til March. And our insurance changed.

So a new request was filed, twice, by the surgeon’s office, with no response. As I said in my last post, I got nowhere last week with them. The ortho’s office had the same result. The surgeon’s office called today and a rep told them that my kind of surgery is plainly excluded in our policy. 

19 years ago I had been in braces for four years (stretched out a little long since I worked out of state each summer of college). I was hoping that I could do the surgery then found out I had no way to cover it. It was so much cheaper back then but it might as well have been the moon, it was that unreachable. I cried after I left the surgeon’s office that day, disappointed, and went back to the orthodontist to settle for having my teeth fit ‘the best they could’.

I’ve come to terms with it over the years. I wished and wished, and tried later in my twenties but the insurance wouldn’t approve. I have learned to be happy in my own skin so to speak, not worrying about how I looked, and making do with how it worked. Then last year my hopes were raised again, and I let myself think I would finally get to do it!

So here I am today, discouraged again. I left work early after hearing the news and just came home, and cried on the way home. I trusted that it would work out and it hasn’t, yet.

I’m to call the surgeon’s office tomorrow and talk to them directly and see what they have to say. I don’t have many options. My insurance is through my husband, who works for a very large corporation. Their HR won’t care, I don’t see any recourse there. He tried to go online today and just find out exactly what our policy does say, and can’t find a thing. I am not impressed with this insurance at all.  Super unhelpful website, at least 2 reps that didn’t know what they were talking about (one actually said you don’t need any pre-authorization for this kind of surgery, just do it!). 

Sorry for the long post today, just getting this out there helps me a little. I’m praying about the next steps and for God to open doors that are shut, if he would. Just trying to keep trusting and hope that the last year in braces hasn’t been in vain.



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6 thoughts on “Not really a good day

  1. Don’t worry too much about it. If it was meant to happy it will happen. Maybe if you check with your husband’s company if they offer some other kind of health insurance. Some large corporations have different insurance options. For example, a firm that my ex worked for offered Kaiser and Blueshield. You never know. Keep your head up 🙂

  2. Thanks evablee, I appreciate it. That is a thought, to look into alternative insurance with either his or my workplace. Probably wouldn’t be til 2014 if that is the case.

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