Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Keeping on

I went back to the orthodontist yesterday.  He spent a long time reading my file notes when he got to me, ha. 

He is continuing with tweaks to my teeth, and I am continuing to figure out what to do. Still waiting to hear back on my insurance appeal, though the longer it goes the more I think it’s not being approved.

ImageIt doesn’t make up for the disappointment of not having surgery in May, but I did get my hair cut! Got a new style and donated 10 inches to Locks of Love. I was ready for a change.

Here’s hoping my next post has some good news!


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5 thoughts on “Keeping on

  1. How frustrating. I’m curious, who’s your insurance carrier?

    About 2 years ago we had different insurance and they flat out denied it…and any meetings with my oral surgeon. My husband landed another job and because they are located in California and carry California based insurance, TMJ had to be covered by law. We received 2 of 3 treatments covered but they did not want to cover the genioplasty, even though that would help with Sleep Apnea. It can be frustrating…we are planning to pay that portion out of pocket.

  2. I have BCBS Anthem.
    I probably need to call and see where my appeal is, but have not been in a big rush. I know I can’t schedule surgery for the next couple months, due to work schedules.

  3. Hrmm, I also have Blue Cross Anthem. Maybe there is hope? Did you get a copy of the letter your surgeon sent?

  4. I have never gotten a copy of what the surgeon sent. Yes I keep hoping! Though I think we may end up having to pay out of pocket.

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