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Will try again

Hey all, no big news yet, but thought I’d fill you in on where I am.  The third insurance request of the spring went nowhere. My next step is to get an all new workup at the surgeon’s office. We’ll try to overwhelm the insurance company with information. My last workup was in March of 2012, before I got braces. The surgeon thinks any more appeals would be worthless without the new records. I would have to have it done anyway before surgery. But the first I could get an appointment for this is July 29. So waiting still.

My husband will also try to talk to the insurance again. They approved this last year, I started my preparation, and this year they say it’s excluded… I think this warrants some complaints and conversation if we can ever figure out who to talk to.

I have another ortho appointment next week.  He’s just doing minor adjustments as we wait.

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