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Work-up Done

Visited my surgeon yesterday for a workup.  I was a little worried when I got there and they asked for my models. Nobody had said to bring models, which was an oversight. My last models they had were Feb. 2012, a little outdated now that I’ve had braces.

Anyway the did the full workup, measuring & observing & photographing & molding bites. I think it’s funny they have to ask why am I there? and what were my expectations from the surgery? They said you’d be surprised what some people answer, like I’d like to have easier divorce proceedings, or my parents made me (in the case of teenagers).

I’ll be driving back through the city on my way to visit my mother this weekend, so I think I’ll be able to take my latest models from the orthodontist by the surgeon’s office. They were made in March, hopefully they are still good. Otherwise I have to have new models made and taken by (2 hour drive).

So anyway full pre-cert request is being sent to the insurance and we’ll see what happens. The office manager was ready to have me schedule a surgery date, until I pointed out that the insurance had changed since last year. Oh yeah. Probably best to see what they say before locking in a date. I’m feeling hopeful though. I’m thinking the last requests may not have been properly filed, plus now they have much more information to work with.

They were scheduling at the end of September right now… would be great if I could get in October, or December.  Hoping, hoping! 


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