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I visited the orthodontist yesterday for my regular appointment. He has decided not to do anything else to my teeth right now in view of impending surgery. So just new elastics. They also went ahead and make my last mold before surgery, and will mail it off to the surgeon. He said whether I do it now or 4 weeks from now it wouldn’t matter since it won’t change. So, here I am truly just waiting now.

Also, he asked me to go ahead and make my appointment for surgical hooks, to make sure I get it on the books if my surgery gets approved and we move forward. I told him I might have to delay it depending on what I hear, and they were fine with that. I’ve got that appointment set for Sept. 11.  So soon.  So, it feels like everything is hanging in wait, ready to launch as soon as I get an approval from my pre-cert. And who knows about that! I’m just praying everything works out.  Hard to believe I could have the surgery in a couple months.

And for not making any changes, I’m sore today! Probably from them jerking the wires out, yanking the molds off and jamming the wires back in (that’s the way it felt anyway). And I do feel my bite shifted just a little. Enough that my teeth touch even less – only the corner of one top molar touches the side of one of my bottom teeth. It does make it even harder to chew, as I have to shift my jaw sideways.

I’m more ready than ever to get this done!

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