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Waiting Again

I thought about writing last week but was too frustrated. So I’ll give my little update now and I won’t vent so much in the post. I called the insurance last week to see where the pre-determination request was. Long story very short is this; the doctors office filed the request with the wrong insurance company. I would have been waiting for months had I not gotten to the bottom of this.

It was filed with BCBS of Tennessee, while my company is Anthem BCBS (of Ohio). Sigh. Big Sigh. So hard to believe the office people did not notice what insurance I actually have.

Anyway, I called the insurance back yesterday to see how it was going (not waiting three weeks this time!). The case had already been reviewed once and kicked back to the doctor as “insufficient information”. I mean to call the doctor’s office tomorrow and let them know before they get a letter in the mail.  Speed things up if I can. I meant to call today but didn’t get a chance too.

That’s my latest!  I feel like I keep making posts about waiting!  All in His timing!

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