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Date Confirmed

My surgery date is Dec. 11. I turned down two options today to move it up to mid-November. It just really works out well for Dec. My husband has an entire month of vacation already approved for then (I’m sure taking care of me is his idea of a great vacation). Plus there is less going on at work and so an easier time to be off.

I’m nervous when I think about it, and glad I have some time to prepare myself.  So much to do between now and then!

For those that are just joining my blog, I am getting double jaw surgery to fix my underbite, cross bite and open bite.  The underbite is the big thing. I have been noticing this fall more than ever how poorly I chew and bite. I will be soooo happy to eat normally!  The day is coming!

Happy about a surgery date!

Happy about a surgery date! You can see my underbite here.

Tentative Surgery Date!!

I’m on the books for December 11!

Pending the surgeon getting actual approvals in hand from the insurance company and everything looks okay. It’s all been over the phone so far.

This is hard to believe I am this close.

It’s so close

So here’s the good news: my insurance has approved my surgery. I called yesterday and got the news fresh over the phone; they had just mailed the approval letters. Happy dance on the inside. I’ve not let myself get too excited yet since I don’t have a surgery date.

Not as good: the approval is only good through the end of the year and I don’t know if I can get a surgery date this year. This is because:

  1. We haven’t renewed our insurance for next year yet since open enrollment just started.
  2. The surgeons’ office is already super packed for the rest of the year.

However I do have an advocate at the orthodontist office. They have several they want to have surgery before the end of the year, but since I have been waiting so long, she is going to push for me to have priority.

If I do not get it done in 2013, I’m told I will have to put a new request to the insurance in January and do that all over again.

So we’ll see what the week brings! Feeling hopeful and tentative.

PS. the nurse told me to fatten up!  ha ha, that probably won’t be hard to do!

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