Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Date Confirmed

My surgery date is Dec. 11. I turned down two options today to move it up to mid-November. It just really works out well for Dec. My husband has an entire month of vacation already approved for then (I’m sure taking care of me is his idea of a great vacation). Plus there is less going on at work and so an easier time to be off.

I’m nervous when I think about it, and glad I have some time to prepare myself.  So much to do between now and then!

For those that are just joining my blog, I am getting double jaw surgery to fix my underbite, cross bite and open bite.  The underbite is the big thing. I have been noticing this fall more than ever how poorly I chew and bite. I will be soooo happy to eat normally!  The day is coming!

Happy about a surgery date!

Happy about a surgery date! You can see my underbite here.


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4 thoughts on “Date Confirmed

  1. Yay! Congrats on confirming a date! Lots of luck and good thoughts through the
    next couple of months coming your way!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats on getting a surgery date! And it’s just around the corner too!

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