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Getting closer

So next week I have my pre-op appointment. I only have 8 more days of work this year. I’m starting to get a little more nervous as the time approaches.

I’m thinking more about what recovery will be like and find myself with lots of questions. How long will my surgery will take? How long will I be on a liquid diet? Can I eat anything for Christmas? Christmas dinner might be awkward just sitting there with the family watching them eat. How many follow-up appointments will I have? Have I prepared enough?

A question for the fellow jaw-surgery patients out there – has anyone tried to gain weight before surgery? How did that work out? I have tried to up my eating but oddly enough have not been able to gain much weight – two pounds at most, really. I’m about 7 pounds above what I consider my ‘ideal’ weight, but I have weighed ~25 pounds less than this (living in Mexico did it to me) and I survived so I think I’ll be okay.

I’m at the point where I’ve been a little stressed about getting everything done at work and beyond. I have had lots of extra appointments, and have been trying to fit my work in around it all. So I’ve gotten less sleep as a result. Less sleep + stress = getting cold sores again, which stresses me more. Who wants a cold sore during jaw surgery? That can’t be good. I am Extremely Prone to them; I am doing what I can for it but life happens.  Sigh.

Between that and the stubborn sinus headache that won’t go away, am feeling rotten today. I keep reading about how you can’t blow your nose during recovery. I have indoor allergies that cause chronic sinusitis, particularly in the winter and I can’t imagine not being able to clear my head out for weeks at a time. It’s bad enough now. I’m really hoping the surgery will put my sinuses in better shape but who knows. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Monday everyone.


Surgical Hooks in!

I had my appointment for surgical hooks yesterday. It took them about an hour and half. I read one blogger who said that the hooks don’t really bother you. I don’t think that will be the case for me! Immediately the ones in front started digging into my lips. When I was checking out a nurse asked me if I had gotten wax – I had forgotten. So she went and came back with a handful of packs. Probably thought I was going to go through a lot!

Getting the surgical hooks on makes it seem more real and close.

The ortho recommended I use a water-pik to clean with. I have one but never figured out how to use it well so it’s been on a shelf forever. I guess I will buckle down on that! I got it out this morning and still had trouble. I will save the learning process for a morning that I am not rushing to work.

A few days ago I got my hair cut. I was wavering on what to do for this time, and finally decided to go shorter to have easy-to-fix hair during recovery. I didn’t have any pictures but tried to describe to the stylist what I wanted. She did a great job with the haircut but it’s way shorter than I thought. It will grow! I am getting compliments on it, but I prefer to have a little more hair. So anyway here’s some pictures below.




5 Weeks Away

I think at 5 weeks it’s close enough I can start counting down! In 5 weeks I’ll be in recovery in the hospital and the surgery will be done!

Other dates:

  • Nov. 21 – I am getting surgical hooks put on (just in time for Thanksgiving, yay!) :p
  • Dec. 4  – Pre-op appointment

In the meantime, I am trying out many no-chew options. I do pretty well with smoothies but have not tried many savory food options yet.

I tried some supplemental drinks out of curiosity. Verdict: not worth it. Here is my take on some specific ones:

  • Muscle Milk: Strawberries n Cream. possibly the nastiest drink I have ever tasted EVER. Tasted like chemicals.
  • Ensure: Vanilla High Protein Shake. Had a coupon so tried a pack. Tastes like hospitals and being sick, ew. Found out I can camouflage it by putting about a third of a bottle into a smoothie with many other things. I will use up my remaining bottles that way.
  • Special K: Vanilla Protein Shake. Less offensive than Ensure so I can manage to drink it straight if I have to. But I will be putting my remaining bottles from the pack into a smoothie to hide the taste.
  • Isopure Protein Drink. I can’t manage to drink much of this straight. Weird taste no matter the flavor. I tried it in smoothies as one of many ingredients and I didn’t notice the taste so much.
  • Core Power: Strawberry Banana. It actually tasted decent. Then I looked at the ingredients and realized I could make these at home just as easy and much cheaper.

My conclusion: added nutrients taste weird and are mostly unpalatable. I’m sure I will survive without them. I don’t want to waste any more money trying them out.

Other than getting food on hand for the liquid diet stage, I feel pretty ready at home. Work is another story.

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