Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Surgical Hooks in!

I had my appointment for surgical hooks yesterday. It took them about an hour and half. I read one blogger who said that the hooks don’t really bother you. I don’t think that will be the case for me! Immediately the ones in front started digging into my lips. When I was checking out a nurse asked me if I had gotten wax – I had forgotten. So she went and came back with a handful of packs. Probably thought I was going to go through a lot!

Getting the surgical hooks on makes it seem more real and close.

The ortho recommended I use a water-pik to clean with. I have one but never figured out how to use it well so it’s been on a shelf forever. I guess I will buckle down on that! I got it out this morning and still had trouble. I will save the learning process for a morning that I am not rushing to work.

A few days ago I got my hair cut. I was wavering on what to do for this time, and finally decided to go shorter to have easy-to-fix hair during recovery. I didn’t have any pictures but tried to describe to the stylist what I wanted. She did a great job with the haircut but it’s way shorter than I thought. It will grow! I am getting compliments on it, but I prefer to have a little more hair. So anyway here’s some pictures below.





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