Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Pre-Op apppointment done

So yesterday I headed off to the big city and had my pre-op appointment. All went well and now I am ready for the big day! ha.

First was a visit with my doctor. Except the surgeon was sick and I had to see the chief resident (CR). We had an hour appointment where he went over my case, answered lots of questions and filled me on details. The CR was very knowledgeable and had a great beside manner.  He will be assisting the surgeon next week and seeing me post-op. So it will be nice to have another familiar face there. I had to sign all the consent forms indicating I know all about all the side effects of surgery.

In technical terms I learned I am having Leforte I and IVO (upper and lower jaws). After surgery I will have a splint for three weeks. I was not too excited about that. I asked if that will make it harder to eat. He said, well at least you don’t have your wisdom teeth to worry about in the…. oh you DO have them! Yes I do. My first ortho told me to keep them just in case I had surgery one day. I won’t have a lot of extra spaces in my mouth to get food in through. Banded together for three weeks, then after that probably just a couple of bands.

I was pleased to hear my orthodontist highly praised and was told that I would be very happy with my results after surgery.

From there we went to Anesthesia Pre-op where they took my entire health history. Got blood drawn, EKG and chest xrays done. The RN went over what I need to do before surgery. The nurse said at one point, you know there is risk of death from anesthesia, right? Lovely. I guess they are required to tell me that. I was happy to hear the nurses there praise my surgeon and his work.

It was all very helpul, but it’s just a week before surgery. I can’t imagine if this was the first time I was hearing about some of this; I might be a little more freaked out. It’s been such a blessing to have everyone’s blogs out there who have gone before me, to learn about what’s it’s really like ahead of time.

On the home front, I have loads of people asking me about surgery and letting me know they will be praying for me. What a blessing to have such support and care on all sides. I have had nothing but support from work, church, friends and family, with all the doctors and nurses I run across everywhere encouraging me as well.

Heading back to the city next Tuesday night.


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