Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Day 2

Again, I took lots of notes today so this may be more details than you want!

I slept pretty good in the hospital, but after the effects of the surgery start wearing off, I begin waking up more frequently, every 15-30 minutes. The night is very long and they just have crummy tv stations, so I make notes about things while I’m awake. Then that makes me sleepy and I doze again. I see several nurses over the night.

After my initial ice pack for my face, I’m never offered any more ice. It’s up to me to ask for it then. Almost my entire face and neck are sensitive to a light touch. I give myself morphine whenever something throbs, which isn’t too often.

The next times I have to go to the bathroom my nose busts loose and sprays blood everywhere. It’s hard to get it to stop and it’s hard to go without bending over at least a little.  The nurse thankfully rustles up some saline spray for my nose to help start getting it cleared out. So helpful and it starts getting a little better with the nose. She warns me not to lean back with it, so that more blood doesn’t go into my stomach and make me sick again. Shew, I don’t want that so I’m careful.

They tell me I will get xrays done, but it ends up being after 5am before that happens. I get wheeled downstairs on my bed but then have to get out of bed for the xrays. I have been to the bathroom 3 times by them, so I know I’ll do okay. However one of the xrays I had to sit in a chair and lean my head back as far as it would go. I though my jaw was going to fall off when I did that. It’s a wonder they got that xray at all. The techs were kind and taped my gown where it wouldn’t tie in the back too. They complimented me on being a very cooperative patient at 5 in the morning.

One thing I hadn’t counted on is not being able to talk at all. I wonder if this will last for all four weeks? Surely it will get better as the swelling goes down.

Drinking water with a syringe is already easy to do now. The corners of my mouth are starting to crust and bruise. This is from the gadget they used to hold my mouth open during surgery. I was warned about this so i am not surprised and it doesn’t bother me.

At 6am the chief resident comes by to see how I am doing and compliments me again on how well it is all going. He looks tired and mentions something about not getting sleep for 4 nights.Before the surgery, he mentioned how they had been working on my models the day and night before, and even the morning of the surgery. Whew. That’s great they worked so hard on me. But he’s helping with surgery? Yikes to do that and be so tired… oh well it all ended well. He tells me swelling will be at its worst when I go home. The medicine they are giving me in the hospital is helping counter-act that.

My numbness now is as follows: tip of tongue, nearly all gone. From upper lip through just under the eyes, including the end of my nose and my cheeks.Everywhere else seems to be fine.

My husband comes by around 7am, before breakfast and before the surgeon comes to see me again. I am getting hungry. Breakfast is chicken broth, which is pretty good, and apple juice. I can’t eat the jello or the frozen juice treat. For mid-morning snack i have more fruit juice.

Lunch they bring me tomato soup, which I couldn’t tell right but had lumps in it. I try to drink it through the thin straw and I can’t. Also it gets my teeth blocked up. I have to rinse out well with a syringe. Then I ask for chicken broth again, which i get but it’s not as good as the morning’s. I can’t eat the other things on the tray; sweet tea (ew) and chocolate pudding (ew). The nice nurse came back and offered me some campbells’s cream of tomato soup. I try it and eat it all too, the texture is perfect.

While originally thought I could go home by noon, someone decides I need to wait til two to get another steroid medicine round. So that happens but we end up waiting forever before getting checked out. We have to have official check-out papers, and we have to have our prescriptions filled. This takes forever. In the meantime there is an “ambulatory nurse” that has come and taken me for three walks over the course of the day. This consists of one slow turn about some of the floor as I hang on to her arm. I also managed to get a shower in and get into some comfy clothes instead of a hospital gown. That was so nice since I had blood and stuff gunked up in my hair. bleh.

Over the course of the day I become more congested. My breathing sounds like Darth Vader, DH says, and my speaking sounds like the minions. I’m glad it’s funny to someone. My breathing is super loud and sometimes I have to stop and concentrate on breathing or I feel like I’m suffocating. There’s only so much that can come in through my mouth, and with the nose keep getting stopped up it’s a problem. The nurse says I’m getting enough oxygen though.

I’m also super hot and my rosacea has been flaring up big time; my face is all red down my neck and chest, and it makes me hotter. I have to keep the ice packs on when I can.

It’s after 5 pm before I can get get out of there. Finally, I am so ready to go home! It’s over 1 1/2 hours to get home and I nap most of the way. Here’s a picture now that I am nicely ensconsed in bed again.

I do think I look super funny and look forward to the swelling going down to see what I will really end up looking like.



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2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Deb Flynn on said:

    Wow, you look so different. Good to read about your experiences. Very helpful to have details of what you’re going through. Best of luck for your recovery and hope it’s not too difficult.

    • Thanks deb. It feels like info overload but hope it can be helpful. I think I look pretty weird but I know I need to wait for the swelling to go down to see just how much. They moved my jaws a lot.

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