Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Days 3-4 Keeping on

So it’s my first full day at home. Let me give an update where things are at this point.

Weight: I’ve lost 4 pounds. Probably from not eating the first day.

Numbness: about the same. I have all feeling back in my tongue though.

Swelling & Congestion: has gotten worse. The entire front of my face up to my eyelids feel swollen and puffy. It puts immense pressure on everything. I wheeze with every breath. It’s so loud. The only time I get quieter is when I go to sleep and my breathing slows down. The puffyness seems to have spread down to my upper chest/back as well. That the only way to explain the weird feeling there.

I think Day three is the worst for swelling so far. Last night I tried something different with the ice where i alternate it on and off all night long every time I wake up. I hold the ice pack not just in the typical position around my jaws, but put it on the front of my face some too, where the swelling is the worst. Since I wake up every 15-30 minutes, this is doable. This seems to help some and by morning I have a little improvement.

Other pain: I am getting my jaw pain back before it’s time for more pain meds now. So I just have to hold out. They really do help though. I’m on Oxycodone. Also I still have my headache that started at the hospital. Not sure what the origin is so not sure how to treat it. Could be from sleeping strange or carting around these huge ice packs on my head so much.

Eating: What a pain. My husband is doing his best to feed me as the doctor ordered, three meals a day plus three snacks a day. But I’m having a hard time getting all that down right now. I do my best. It can take me an hour to get down 12 oz of smoothie. The food for the most part all tastes fine, it’s just so much work. Last night one of the foods I tried for supper did not agree with me. I had an upset tummy all night. Today my thumb is sore from working the syringe so much. It can be tough to pull out. If I’m not careful I can squirt too fast and get choked on it. Since I’m not allowed to sneeze  or blow my nose, it scares me when I want to cough. Will my head explode? What will happen?  This just happened as I was typing this paragraph, in fact. I’m trying to get some juice down in between typing. I’m not sure I’ve been drinking enough.

Mouth: the corners of my mouth are still ewy looking but I can tell they’re healing. I am putting a preventative cream on them to help with that.

Cleaning: I have to rinse with saline solution after every meal or snack. Except once at morning and night, I have an antibiotic mouthwash to use instead. Plus each time I brush the outside of my teeth with a baby toothbrush. I’m not sure this is going like it should. Due to the congestion, I can’t swish the mouthwash for 30 sec as recommended. It’s only as long as I can hold my breath, not long right now.  I get scared of hitting my stitches, so I don’t brush too high on the upper teeth. My lips are too sore to lift and see exactly where the stitches are at this point.

Yesterday my husband was concerned about me feeling so hot, but my temperature was right at 98.6. I’m not sure what is keeping me so warm.

Here’s some more bad pictures from Day 3:

Day 3

Band on the teeth & you can see how the swelling has made my nose all crooked.

Day 3

Before bed, Day 3. My typical expression these days.


Day 3

Puffy side profile

Day 3

Ignore the wet hair. Here I am smiling! The closest I can get anyway.



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4 thoughts on “Days 3-4 Keeping on

  1. Deb Flynn on said:

    Your blow by blow descriptions are great. It’s good to know what can be expected after going through this surgery. It sounds really hard and I’m surprised you’ve been able to keep up the blog posts in the early stages. Have you been going for walks around the house? I understand moving around a bit can help with the swelling. Also, although a bit of a delicate question, I’m wondering how your system is working (or not). With no solid food, have you been able “to go” and are you taking anything to help things along.

    • Deb, it’s about all I can manage to get the blogs in. Outside of that its all resting and taking care of myself. I walk around these couple rooms a little; mean to do more but get too tired.
      I’ve been taking some prune juice and such but it’s not helped that way yet – surgery has stopped me there. I haven’t really addressed that yet. I am doing fine with fluids tho.

  2. Deb Flynn on said:

    Oh, I forgot to mention – Love your profile. What a transformation!

  3. Congratulations on making it to ‘the other side’, you’re looking fab and considerably unpuffy! I hope your recovery continues to go well, your updates have been so useful already – thank you x

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