Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Day 9

I wasn’t going to post today, then thought I’d go ahead and give a little update.

dropping offGood News: I didn’t lose weight today!! I actually gained two pounds if the scales are to believed. Probably I just didn’t pee enough today yet, but still, I didn’t lose any!

Uh-Oh: I lost a second rubber band today. When I lost the first one (Tuesday?) we called just to make sure it was okay. They said every one normally pops a few by the first follow-up visit. Well today I lost one right next to the other one. It’s a little scary. What if I only popped one a day? By the doctor’s visit on Monday; that wouldn’t leave much left to hold my bottom jaw on.

Should Have Tried it Earlier: Yesterday I switched to eating from plastic condiment bottles instead of the plastic syringe. Huge improvement. The syringe is not made for repeated use of hot soups. It got to the point I couldn’t even open and close it anymore. That is a slight deterrent to eating. I’m a happy camper now since meals don’t wear me out as much. Thanks to whosever’s blog I read with this tip.

And It’s That Time of Year: It’s less than a week til Christmas, though I have to admit it’s not much of a deal to me this year. I watch TV, and I’m almost surprised at how big of a deal Christmas is to the rest of the world. There are other things in life. Ha.

I did my Christmas shopping in November. We sent our Christmas cards out before surgery. We didn’t decorate, we’re not cooking, we’re not traveling, not attending any concerts. I’ll be doing good to make it to the Christmas Eve service at church. While it’ll be good to see the family, I am not looking forward to Christmas dinner, since I don’t really like eating in front of anyone yet. I slurp and slop constantly. Maybe I can eat beforehand.

So I’ll just wear a Christmas gift today in a concession to Christmas. Cozy fun.



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2 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. I like your cozy socks friend! And you slurp and slop away girl, it’s not forever…I sometimes eat that way too and have NO excuse! ;P I look forward to seeing you very soon! xoxo

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