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blogging my way through double jaw surgery

4 Weeks

Just a quick post today to give a status update at 4 weeks.

Most Important Point: I get my splint out in less than two days! I’m pretty excited about this. Also get my bands off and get to brush all my teeth! Oh the things that make us happy. I’m so tired of these orange bands (I do keep eating tomato soup). 

Teeth: Something I have noticed in the past week is that my gums are not doing well. They seem to be receding at an alarming rate. While I do have some gum recession already, it has been stable for over a decade. And didn’t think I could afford any more. I will ask the doctor about this. I’m sure the inside gums are a mess too.

Numbness/Swelling: The numbness has remained about the same for about two weeks. I have regained only a little back from the original area. The swelling goes down imperceptably, and the slight improvements are not enough to notice day to day. I do have a lot more muscle function in this area than I did before.

Pain: Still tender over the areas of healing bone, though a little less now. The facial swelling still causes constant pain though it’s been manageable as long as the face is still.  I did have a couple of harder days this week that coincided with the cold front. Who knows if there’s a connection?  If I bend over it does hurt. Obviously I try to avoid bending over for more than half a second. I don’t think it’s good for me. Being around more people this last week, I have more opportunity to smile and laugh. That does still hurt as it pushes up the swollen area. But I can’t be an expressionless zombie all day.

Allergies: Not related to jaw surgery, but still complicating things. My allergies have been kicking up big time. Combine that with not being able to sneeze or blow my nose, it’s a huge pain. My nose is probably raw on the inside.

Some people have been asking me what they did in my head. I will try to get a pic of my xrays next time I’m back in the main surgeon’s office. In the meantime, the technical terms are: Lefort I and IVO.

Lefort I is breaking the upper jaw like this: 120px-LeFort1e

Then expanding with the plates and screws. This brought my cheeks forward as well as my jaw.

IVO is breaking the bottom jaw like this: protruding_2

I forget what that stands for. Something Osteotomy.


Here are pictures from last night.

day 27


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  1. You look great!!!!!!

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