Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

7 Weeks

snowMy follow-up visit for today was cancelled. 😦 I’m sure due to the weather. Ice and snow everywhere around here. I am NOT looking forward to driving to work today. This kind of conditions freak me out driving.

So… I was going to show off to him how I can my mouth open 33 mm. That is after stretching it out. After being banded all night I can only open 27 mm. But it’s getting there.

I feel like I spend so much of my life brushing my teeth these days. In the end I wonder how many months of my life will I have spent doing this? I was not a fanatic before braces, but well now after surgery I brush at least three times a day. I’m a bit more of a stickler these days with mouth health.

Here’s my status at 7 weeks:

  • Energy levels: Back to pre-surgery normal.
  • Strength levels: I’m a weakling. Not sure when I’ve ever been such a wimp.
  • Swelling/stiffness: Upper jaw is still pretty stiff. Just a little swelling still on each side of my mouth.
  • Eating: I keep trying more things. I can’t chew per se, but I can bite straight down and lightly crunch things.
  • Pain: My teeth are sore 24/7 from wearing the bands at night. It makes it near impossible to bite anything. And I really want to try my new bite!
  • Jaw Muscles: I have discovered that I can feel these tight muscles on the inside of my mouth. I’m strung like harp strings and feels very strange. It’s so tight that on one side I still can’t floss a wisdom tooth. Just not enough give to stretch the cheek out and get floss back in there.
  • Flossing: I can floss all the other teeth, though with the wisdom teeth, it can take me five minutes to get one tooth flossed. Whew. So tight and crowded in the back of my mouth due to the tight muscles mentioned, and swollen cheeks.

Finally, here’s a comparison photo (where I am actually wearing the same sweater). The first is the week I got braces on, the second is yesterday. It’s still crazy to me when I look at before and after side by side.  And yes I do need a hair trim. Getting one soon.

Week 7


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