Getting over an underbite

blogging my way through double jaw surgery

Day 54

Just a quick update today to report on my orthodontist visit, my first one after surgery. The doctor was pleased, and a little surprised I think, to see that nothing was broken. He was very happy with how my teeth fit together. I will not have much work left.

THEY TOOK OUT MY SURGICAL HOOKS!  I’m tickled pink about that. They really hinder eating and cleaning.

When they took out all my wires, they let me floss and brush with no wires in! I had done this all about 2 hours before, but you better believe I took that chance to do with wires out. I also caught a glimpse of what I might look like with the braces off.


Hooks out and wire chain on.

After asking how I’ve been wearing my rubber bands, he changed up the configuration. I guess orthodontist trumps oral surgeon at this point. The bands they gave me are also tighter. However, they added a “power chain” on my front top teeth made of wire, to keep my front teeth together. I didn’t get any other explanation.

When I asked what my outlook was, he said very minimal tweaks, then see if my teeth behave, then probably have the braces off by summer. Just a few more visits! It’s hard to believe I am this close to the end.

All in all the visit went very well, better than expected. They were very gentle getting my wires back in. The main pain was from me tensing my jaws as I held them open. I had some pretty good pain for the next day. I thought I had gotten off easy, then I tried to chew something today. OUCH. I guess since I hadn’t been biting anything I couldn’t tell how sore I was. Good thing I’m eating soft food anyway.

Here’s a before/after of my profile. I have to say I do like my profile better now.


Not much happening other than all the good news from the orthodontist. I can tell the tenderness in my face is starting to go away. I can open my mouth 37mm, so hopefully the doctor will be pleased when I see him on Tuesday. Some of the muscles in the very back of my mouth are still tight.


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2 thoughts on “Day 54

  1. Deb Flynn on said:

    Wow, looking good. Good to hear you can see the end in sight. I understand it takes about 3 months for the bones to fully heal? So I guess you have to keep eating soft foods only till then? I am progressing with my scary adventure. I’ve seen a couple of surgeons and have decided to go ahead with the one who is a professor, has been performing these types of surgeries for about 26 years and does about 70 operations a year. I am going to see the orthodontist this week for an initial consult. The surgeon has suggested he take the wisdom teeth out initially and then I should start the orthodontics after that. I suppose they’ve got to come out anyway so it seems to make sense.

  2. Wow that’s big stuff Deb! I hope everything goes well as you look forward. I kinda wish now that I had gotten my bottom wisdom teeth out beforehand. Now after surgery they tell me maybe they will come out anyway. I’m like really? Could you not have done that before I got braces on and made this whole process easier? Having braces on my wisdom teeth has been killer. Not to mention hard to clean and harder to eat while bound.
    With all the pain and stuff I’ve been through, I’ve not regretted having it done. Just have to be patient through the whole process.

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