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Four months – looking at the home stretch

haycSuper News! I had an orthodontist visit yesterday. After fiddling around for a while, he told me I would get my braces off next visit. That’s in five weeks. Of course I wouldn’t have minded if it were earlier, but I’ll take it. It’s hard to believe the end is near. I go in a week before to get molds for the retainer, which he said I should only have to wear at night. That sounds good to me too. I was fully expecting to have to wear them all the time.

I will be getting my braces off, to the day, two years after getting them on. I really didn’t think at the time that it would take that long. What a journey it’s been!

So here’s what it’s like for me at four months:

Somewhere recently, I glanced in the mirror and it looked normal to me. Perfectly normal like that’s just the way I am supposed to look. It gave me hope that those moments will be more frequent in the future, and that someday I’ll see myself in the mirror without a thought of different/changed/not-quite-right. I have to admit that I’m not there yet.

I am somewhat irregular about stretching my mouth muscles, but it’s coming along anyway. Last week I measured and I was able to open 45 mm. This is very close to the 49mm pre-surgery, so I feel pretty good about it.

The numbness in my upper jaw and mouth is very very slowly going down. My upper jaw (inside) is mostly numb, and the outer upper corners of my mouth are numb. Most of the feeling is back otherwise in my jaw. I am still wearing rubber bands at night. Keeping my mouth closed overnight makes my back jaw muscles stiff and tight in the morning.

On the good side, I can sleep with my mouth closed! I never could do that before. It takes a little getting used to. My husband says I’m not snoring anymore, so that’s good. Hope it stays that way.

What I can eat: just about anything. Some chewy meats are still difficult and take me a long time, and I cut chewy stuff up small before eating. Some other foods are hard to eat too, like cucumbers. But that may still be a braces things. Since I can eat so well, I have gained back about 8 of the pounds I lost. I think I can slow down now.

The scars in the bottom of my mouth are pretty annoying. They stretch tight and make little pockets in the rear by my teeth that are hard to keep clean. I’m not sure these scars will ever stretch out/soften up. Here’s hoping.

All in all it’s been a long four months, no matter what anyone says. Most people say that time flies by, but not for this is doesn’t. I’m still feeling good about the results and like that I can still continue to see progress.

In other news my husband and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary this week. 🙂





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