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blogging my way through double jaw surgery

One Year 8 Months Post-Surgery

Every time I post on here now I think it’ll be my last time. But I thought of this blog recently and thought I’d do a quick update.

Physically I don’t think anything has changed since my last posts. My small areas of numbness are permanent. No biggie.

Every time I go to the dentist post-surgery they exclaim in delight over my mouth. For someone who used to rather not like going to the dentist, it’s a nice mood booster. Now it’s not bad at all. The hygienist will make some nice remarks as she cleans my teeth. Then the dentist is called in and he says how happy I must be with the results, how great I look etc. I go away feeling pretty good about myself. In fact I’d love to go to the dentist more frequently but it doesn’t seem to be the thing to do.

I run across the rare person who hasn’t seen me for some years, and while they don’t quite recognize me, they attribute it to how long it’s been since they’ve seen me. I feel obligated to explain the whole thing to them. More information than they wanted to know I’m sure.

indexMy face seems normal to me now. I can’t imagine going back to what it was. I say that, knowing that it was months and months after surgery that it did not seem right. I looked at other people’s faces a lot to see what average people’s faces really looked like. I felt like a chipmunk.

So anyway, if you have surgery and you have a hard time recognizing yourself for a while, it’s okay. It will come to be a part of you. I was okay with myself pre-surgery, since that’s the way I was made. That’s still the case. This is the way I’m made, and I function better now.

I was reading through some of my early recovery entries yesterday and it brought back a lot of emotions as I read. There were some challenging times. But it’s OVER.

If you’re just visiting the site for the first time and want to read more about post-surgery, it starts here. All of my blogging before that dealt with braces and insurance and the like.

Best wishes to anyone heading into jaw surgery in their own near future!



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One thought on “One Year 8 Months Post-Surgery

  1. Thank you so much for your blog. My daughter is going to need this surgery in about two years. We have to wait for her to finish growing. She will be 16. I was watching her chew thanksgiving dinner tonight and realizing just how difficult it is for her to eat properly. She doesn’t know any different.
    Thanks for all the tips and warnings. I found them all very helpful. And thank you for your candid honesty.
    You really do look beautiful! Your ortho and surgeon did an excellent job. I loved your short haircut- it was so sassy and fun!

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